Founded in 2007 in Brazil, CEIRI was born from experience in academic research, higher education, international political consulting, advisory services in political projects and coordination of courses by the philosopher and political scientist Dr. Marcelo José Ferraz Suano, whose specialization in military affairs and international relations was built over ten years with the Master’s and Doctorate (dealing with Brazilian political and military thinking) and fifteen years of ministering and coordinating courses, carrying out scientific research, conducting business analysis and advising professionals on international relations issues, both on theoretical issues and on international policy issues.

A group of qualified professionals in the areas of international negotiations, strategic alliances, international cooperation, health, defense, security, scientific research and technology was added to this proposal to develop products, provide services, train and coordinate teams.

Priority was given to joining the experience with theoretical training to allow the company to work with consulting and advisory services, but also to present as a differential the possibility of offering human resources training, research and analysis of the conjuncture, developing methodologies and training to work in the increasingly internationalized professional market.


The team of associate consultants consists of masters and doctors with experience in international business, strategic communication, international and political cooperation, being prepared to carry out activities in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian and Mandarin.

Meet the Heads of CEIRI

Phd. Marcelo Suano
Founding Partner

PhD and MS in Political Science from the University of São Paulo and graduated (1995) in Philosophy from the same University.

Founder of the “Center for Strategy, Intelligence and International Relations”, and also chair of the Editorial Board of CEIRI NEWS (, main independent portal in Brazil, exclusively for international relations. University Professor, having also held positions of Coordination and Direction of courses in Colleges. He held positions of consulting in International Policy in Brasilia in the activity of Senior Political Analyst and served as political advisor and strategic planning of the Chair of the Commission of Science and Technology, Communication and Computer of the Chamber of Deputies (CCTCI-CD) and Leadership of Party in the Federal Senate, between 2011 and 2017. He is a speaker of ADESGs (Association of Diplomates of the Superior School of War) of Porto Alegre, Caxias do Sul, Vacaria and Santa Maria. He was Deputy Director and Director of the CEPES of ADESG / POA / RS. Teaches courses and lectures on international relations, international politics, Brazilian political and military thought as well as Brazilian political conjuncture. Is author of a book about the Brazilian Military Thought, articles in Theory of International Relations, International Politics and Brazilian politics.




MSc. Daniela Alves

MSc in Medicine from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul Medical School (UFRGS). BA in International Relations.

Executive Director of the Center for Strategy, Intelligence and International Relations (CEIRI) and Editor of CEIRI NEWS. Winner of several national and international awards in the area of Human Rights. He has lectured in various cities and government bodies in Brazil and in the World on topics related to the professionalization of International Relations, Health Diplomacy, Paradiplomacy, Migration, Trafficking in Human Beings and Organ Trafficking. Worked at the International Coordination of International Agreements of the Municipal Labor Office of São Paulo (SP) and the Technical Adviser for International Affairs of the Secretariat of Employment and Labor Relations of the State Government of SP. She was Deputy Executive Director and Chairman of the International Coordination Committee of Brazil, Russia, India, China, Sounth Africa Chamber for Promotion of Economic Development (BRICS-PED).