Definition CEIRI

“Corporate Diplomacy” is a complex process of commitment to society and, in particular, to its public institutions, whose main added value for the company is a greater degree of legitimacy or “license to operate” which, due to its improves the ability to act within a given social system.  Dr. Marcelo Suano – Founding Partner of CEIRI
Corporate Diplomacy

The New Directive Intelligence

To invest in another country is not enough to have capital and a product to gain space in your market. The success of an international business depends on the understanding and cultural and political accompaniment of that country.

Corporate Diplomacy is an advisory service to understand the international dimension of the environment in which your company / institution wishes to act, as well as the domestic political and institutional issues of the country where you wish to invest.

The Digital Dimension

The Digital Dimension of “Corporate Diplomacy” seeks, within its business context, the global understanding of digital relationships, the possibilities of business intelligence and big data, as well as online reputation.