1. iBusiness Session

Do you want to start the process of internationalization of your company, but you have many doubts and fears?

The iBusiness session is a 2:30 am meeting in which we will jointly identify if your company is ready to start the internationalization process.

2. International Promotion Plan

* Selection of Markets (We analyze, select and prioritize target markets)

* Channel Selection (Analysis of appropriate input / distribution channels)

* Plan of Action and Budget (We define the calendar and budget for internationalization actions)

* Prospecting Potential Clients

3. The Destiny

* Find out more about the country where you want to export with the help of a specialist

* Market Research (Identify key contacts and define business strategy)

* Commercial Action Discover (Effective Contacts)

* Visitor’s Schedule (Detail on who you will meet when you travel)

Intercultural Counseling

Aconselhamento Intercultural

Intercultural counseling is essential to work successfully in different cultures.

This bespoke consulting service analyzes the cultural stereotypes and communicative styles that the professionals of exportation / internationalization companies have about the culture of their export market, and then deepen and correct these perceptions with practical resources.

Depending on the needs of each case, elements such as the following can be worked:

  • Leadership and the hierarchical system in business. The role of the manager in the other culture
  • Guidance for certain activities about: the importance of personal relationships in the other culture
  • Managing emotions and risk in the target country
  • Management of time and deadlines in the target country
  • Most appropriate communication style: direct or indirect communication, body language and verbal communication codes
  • Guidance for phone call or successful virtual communication with person from another culture
  • Orientation for Meetings and Negotiations